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Oral Care for Your Pets

Your pet’s oral care may often be overlooked, but it’s an important part of their overall health. Periodontal disease is caused due to plaque, a colorless film that contains large amounts of bacteria. Left unchecked, plaque builds up, creating infection, destroying gums, and resulting in the loss of the tissues and bone that support the teeth. Animals may lose their teeth, have trouble eating, and get an infection that can gradually spread in the whole body.

Learn About Periodontal Disease

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease in Pets

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow-brown crust on teeth
  • Bleeding or puffy gums
  • Change of chewing or eating habits
  • Tooth loss
  • Change in behavior
  • Abnormal drooling

Reasons for Periodontal Disease in Pets

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Breed
  • Age

Tips to Prevent Periodontal Diseases in Pets

  • Brush your pet’s teeth with a toothpaste that’s specifically made for pets. Human toothpastes often contain abrasives, fluoride, and high-foaming detergents that aren’t safe for dogs or cats to swallow or inhale
  • Give your dog a chew toy. Dogs have a natural desire to chew. Chew toys make their teeth strong, massages their gums, and helps to keep their teeth clean. Talk to us about the right type of chew toy for your pet
  • Dental treats: There are many companies that make dental treats for dogs and cats. Giving your pets these treats can help keep their teeth clean. They also come in many different flavors, so you should be able to find a treat that your pet would like
  • Inspect your pet’s mouth regularly. Please call your vet if you notice any of the symptoms that are mentioned above
  • Schedule a visit with us. Every regular exam in our clinic includes a thorough dental exam. If we find signs of disease, we will recommend a treatment plan. It is important for the overall health of your pet that we take care of any dental problems we find. We will also walk you through a home care plan that will help you keep your pets healthy
  • Schedule regular dental checkups. We monitor the progress of your pet’s preventive program, so regular dental checkups are essential, just as twice-a-year checkups are important for people. If your pet’s teeth have a tendency to form tartar quickly, or if he or she has a history of oral problems, frequent examinations and cleanings may be advised

Call East Springfield Veterinary Hospital today and get on top of your pet’s oral care!