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Veterinary Hospital Serving Western Massachusetts

East Springfield Veterinary Hospital, Inc. (ESVH) is a progressive, full-service animal hospital. The hospital takes pride in its unique approach to clients and their animals.

Everyone on staff is dedicated to making sure every animal is treated with the utmost care. This is an attempt to reduce the stress and anxiety of pets during their office visits. We provide our clients with a friendly atmosphere for learning. It is important for people to understand their pet’s health and to be educated in a respectful manner.

The philosophy at ESVH directly relates to the wellness and well-being of our animal friends. We believe, first and foremost, that all pets DESERVE a full physical examination every year. This includes gathering relevant information and history about our patient. Second, a head-to-tail examination is performed. Third, a vaccine schedule that is uniquely tailored to your pet is administered. This tailored vaccine schedule is based on the information you share with us during the “fact-gathering” session. Finally, lab tests such as blood work may be performed, which tests for heartworm and tick-related diseases. Along with fecal and parasite testing, and other potential blood work that tests liver, kidney, and thyroid function. The “fact-gathering” questions help to determine the most appropriate lab tests.

If you share our unique dedication and philosophy towards animals, then we would love to see you at our veterinary hospital. You will feel at home with a full team of professionals that understand your concern and desire to keep your furry family members healthy.

Amy Zander - East Springfield Veterinary Hospital