Hersman Heart Fund

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Built on the foundation of helping every animal receive treatment, Kim Redmond, veterinary technician at the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital, founded the Hersman Heart Fund. The fund was established on September 21, 1998, three days after the passing of Richard Hersman, DVM.

The Hersman HEART Fund was founded on the principles of its namesake, Dr. Hersman. Being a sincere and softhearted man and veterinarian, he would attempt to save every animal from euthanasia. Today, we, at the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital continue to practice his ethics--no animal will be euthanized unless it is sick or suffering.

Dr. Hersman was the former owner of the Boston Road Animal Hospital, the founder of the Hampden Veterinary Clinic, and the owner of the former Chicopee Animal Clinic, as well as the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital. All who loved him personally and professionally, sadly miss him.

The Hersman Heart Fund is a non-profit foundation with all proceeds directed to medical care for animals in need of treatment. In total, the Fund has helped to save the lives of over 30 dogs and cats. It is important to note that the Fund is not intended to be a shelter. We specifically raise money for the treatment of those animals in need of medical attention. We love what we do, and enjoy tremendous satisfaction when we are able to help heal those animals who need us.

If you are interested in making a donation please contact the East Springfield Veterinary Hospital at: 413-739-6389